5 Festival Trends Attendees Can Expect In 2022

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With the world finally opening up more and more, you can expect more festivals to open their gates to the general public. The return of festivals has been in demand over the last year, and dates are starting to be filled and festival weekends are managing to be concluded. With that said, there may be changing trends ahead for 2022, read ahead to learn more.

More Virtual Gigs

Whilst physical gigs and festivals are likely to remain the top priority, it’s worth noting that over the last couple of years we have seen more virtual gigs. Acts such as Travis Scott, Ariana Grande and Easy Life have performed virtual concerts watched by millions. This will likely grow in popularity, with virtual exclusive tickets going on offer, reaching more people than a physical festival could. As more people are reluctant to attend mass events, this is likely to be a constant trend that lives alongside normal festivals.

Multiple Payment Methods

If you were to attend a festival only five or ten years ago, depending on the festival itself, you may have struggled to pay for anything without physical cash. That’s why you would have dozens of ATMs being rented out to festivals so that attendees could take out money to purchase merchandise, food and drinks.

In the last few years, this moved on to accepting cash payments as well as accepting card payments. It evolved further through smartphone purchasing and contactless payment in general. More payment methods should mean more spending, as contactless has recently become the most popular method of payment. An attendee will be able to pre-purchase goods and fast track wristbands and speed up the queues at festivals through their quicker purchasing.

Rise In Glamping

Whilst there is still a place for traditional camping within the festival scene, there is no doubt the standards some expect have changed. As such, you can expect that there will be more options for festival-goers going forward. If you don’t know what glamping is, it simply refers to a type of camping that offers first-class accommodation, along with facilities that are actual plumbing or at least are managed well.

They are still in fields and around festivals, but everything is much cleaner and offers much more space. They can come in different forms, from pitching your glamourous tent to going to a glamping accommodation that has a pre-pitched tent that is both stylish and room for a few of you.

It may depend on the festival you have in mind. Fortunately, the major ones usually have options due to demand, but you may have to get into there quicker to purchase a plot. Yurtel offers luxurious glamping tents for festivals such as Glastonbury, which give you comfortable beds alongside an actual hot shower. They can have room for two people or options for up to eight people.

It may be worth you contacting the festival organisers themselves so that you can best discuss options directly with them. You may find that they offer their services fire hand or at least have partners they work with to offer unique deals and get the slots filled up.

Rise In Hotels

On the same trend of glamping, we are starting to see more and more individuals choose hotels rather than stay in a tent. Of course, with some festivals, this isn’t possible due to their location, but more and more projects are being commissioned to open specific festival hotels that are a short distance away, offering regular shuttle busses.

Traditionally, some hotels are against festival-goers staying at their hotel, due to the reputation of them being rowdy and messy, carrying mud into the building. These specific hotels will cater towards a festival goer, removing this element of risk and worry.

When looking into staying in a hotel for a festival, you should scour the local area both online and in-person and discuss options with them. You will find your chances of securing a hotel much more likely if you are alone, as some hotels may be against big groups staying together, but it is always better, to be honest.

More Choice With Music

The modern festival-goer has evolved in recent years. For example, they have different tastes in music, and more importantly, they don’t just have one taste. Whereas previously attendees may have come to a rock gig to just hear rock, they now may wish to visit festivals with multiple genres and bands coming together across multiple stages.

Indeed, you will find that there are a range of festivals to choose from, that offer different genres across a whole weekend. In most cases, these festivals end up being the most popular ones, certainly due to the demand to see certain acts but to have a good weekend in general. If you are producing a festival, keep this in mind to boost sales.

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