AW 2018: Hair Trends with Umberto Giannini

AW 2018: Hair Trends with Umberto Giannini

Summer has been a long one but autumn is finally upon us. Everyone’s hair has suffered some loss of condition this year with one of the hottest and longest summers we have seen for aeons in the UK.

Deciding what to do with your hair next is a hot topic too. Sunlight can do some wonderful natural things to your hair so do you embrace the lighter hues or warm-up your look for the colder months ahead??

How do you translate beachy curls back to office chic, and is it time to get some structure back into your cut?

For those who are choosing to rock the “just off the plane look” through
autumn think of adding warmer sun kissed tones to your blonde. Choose a more glowing pallet of colour with soft gold tones even into rose, peach and pink. Team these tones with a clever placement around the face (lighter to give width and darker to frame)

*Ryans tip

“If you loved it on holiday but hate it at home don’t be afraid of adding back your natural depth, leave out or add lightness in key areas and bring back the darker roots dragging them down for a really natural ‘Caroline Flack’ look.”

Brunettes really feel the heat in the sun, causing lift in reds and increased brassiness where it’s not wanted, however with some simple colour work you can be cool and shiny again!

Condition without compromise (try Umberto Giannini Over Indulge for an intensive treatment) to accentuate the multi tones in your hair which gives the illusion of adding depth and also a subtle lift. Choose a semipermanent gloss, mocha’s for the deeper bases and coppers for mid to light browns to add a luminous glow. Think of it as adding lipgloss for your hair, moisture and condition without the damage!

With everyone copying celebrity styles its hard to be unique. Braver clients need to think shorter strong lines above shoulder with no
angles and geometry. Sassy natural texture is key to most looks this season and by using texture dust (Umberto Giannini Powder Pouf!) and a little heat for a suggestion of a bend, your style will be on point.

* Mindy’s Tip

Pony tails are always a style winner, wearing them low and pulling some hair out around the face with some natural texture will be the trend for A/W 2018. Keep Weatherproof Curls in your handbag for touch-up’s and twirls.


For an in-depth personalised consultation free of charge, don’t hesitate to call the salon and meet with one of the specialists who will be happy to talk you through any colour or style transition.

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