Is it Fake News or Just Another One of Mr. President’s Outrageous Quotes?

Trump Cards is a new hilarious card game where, in order to win, the players need to separate fact from fiction and decide whether a number of insane quotes are attributed to President Trump or whether they are just “Fake News, Folks!”.  It is the ideal game for parties, family gatherings and festive fun.

Prepare yourself for sore cheeks and tummy pain as players will take turns reading out the Trump Cards in their best Trump imitation. If you think the President really said it you play the “Approved” card. If you think it’s made up, then slap down the “Fake News” card. One point is granted to each player for correct responses, but if no player is correct, the reader gets one point. You win the game by being the first player to reach 5 points. It’s just a simple yet entertaining game that is guaranteed to bring you and your friends laughs, surprises and, of course, a whole load of fake news.

For a bit more of adult fun, you can purchase the new Adult Edition of Trump Cards (age 17+) where you’ll play with his more controversial comments. This version is perfect for keeping the fun and laughter continuing until the early hours.

It contains 300 Trump cards, 10 Fake News cards, 10 Approved cards, a writing pad, a pencil and a rules sheet. It is ideal for  2-10 players and ages 12+.

This game will be available from Tesco, WH Smith and Amazon with pricing at around £18. The Adults Edition is available from WH Smith and Amazon also at around £18.
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