Meet the platform that’s changing the face of fashion

After working for five years in the fashion technology industry, one entrepreneurial woman is pioneering the mission to make sustainable fashion, fashionable.

On 30th April 2019, 29 year-old Anna Hernaman introduced Detoxed – a beautifully curated online platform selling pre-loved premium fashion pieces from some of the most stylish, luxury fashion influencers.

The mission? To inspire the stylista community to act more conscientiously by reducing waste and extending the life-cycles of their clothing, all whilst injecting a bit of chic into an initiative that is not traditionally associated with luxe fashion. Sustainability is open to all.

The Detoxed shop launched with a cohort of London influencers known for their discerning taste in premium and designer fashion. Amongst the fashion experts were Felicia Evalina, Emma Rose and Samantha Maria, all of who have a shared vision with Detoxed to make sustainable fashion, fashionable.

Detoxed is aimed at savvy global shoppers who want to grab a bargain (premium and designer items can be up to 75% off their original RRP), as well as consumers and influencers who want to support an urgent and necessary cause.

Founder, Anna, has worked in fashion-tech for over five years. She has history in both the technological and networking sides of the industry, having worked for rewardStyle, the largest worldwide fashion affiliate company.

She comments: “Today, a huge spotlight shines on the concept of sustainability yet it still requires further social attention. Functionally, Detoxed is a premium resale platform, and socially Detoxed brings sustainability to the forefront of the conversation whilst ensuring style and quality is maintained of the highest caliber. Our founding influencers challenge convention in an industry that typically falls prey to unconscious spending, and with their support and by harnessing the power of social media, together we are starting to change mindsets and welcome the beauty of resale. These influencers are now on the path to becoming the leaders of the future change, and Detoxed is designed to support that journey to make sustainable fashion, fashionable.”

Detoxed has come a long way from when it was first conceptualised at the beginning of 2019. It now has a beautiful, fully functioning shoppable platform, gaining interest from influencers and consumers worldwide.

Detoxed launched on 30th April 2019 and is now open to shoppers worldwide.
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