Modern Wedding Venue Trends Brides To Be Need To Know About

If you’re a modern bride and you like to be ahead of the crowd and know all the latest trends, then we have put together some of our top venue trends that you need to know about! Looking at the latest trends is good for inspiration for your own special day, and also helps guide you when it comes to themes, suppliers or little touches.

Weddings are a very personal thing and sometimes you may not want to follow all of the latest trends, but it can be good to see where other people are looking to focus their attention and money on to help you with some inspiration.

Intimate weddings

Due to the pandemic and restrictions that have been put on weddings over the past year or so, it has increased the popularity for smaller, more intimate weddings. These were always an option for people before lockdowns, however with more people being forced to change their plans and reduce their guest numbers, it has made more people aware of intimate weddings and increased their popularity.

There are lots of benefits to having a smaller wedding, such as the savings you will make on your budget and this means you can spend more on things that mean more to you. With these smaller weddings, you can look at a wider range of venues. If you really want to have a grand venue, you may choose to look at hiring one particular room or space within the venue for your wedding. There are so many gorgeous, smaller venues that you could choose to get married in and the popularity for these is increasing throughout this year and next. Having a smaller venue means that you can incorporate your personal touches into the space, and make it really personal to you both.

Some smaller venues can also have the benefit of having more character and charm than larger venues, and are also great if you want to stay over the night prior or on the evening of your wedding, with many having additional accommodation for your guests too.

Another way that venues are adopting greener and more sustainable policies is by providing in-house catering and using locally, sourced produce. If you are really set on having an ethical wedding you might want to look at up-cycling or making your own wedding favours or even table decorations.

 Incorporating nature

Lots of people are becoming more aware of climate change and the environment, and looking for suppliers and venues that are ethical and have sustainable values. One way to ensure that your day incorporates this is to look at venues that have outdoor spaces. There are lots of gorgeous venues that have woodland areas, or spaces amongst the trees which will allow you to incorporate nature within your day. If you are getting married in the colder months or just having your ceremony inside, you might want to include greenery within your decorations or perhaps as table centrepieces. This is a nice touch and also brings added elegance and a boho theme to your day.

Venues with outside areas

Some of the big wedding trends of 2021 include using lighting to enhance the ambience. If you want to use this wedding trend within your day then you might want to look at venues that have plenty of outside area, and also unique outside areas that you can dress and make your own. Lights can really set the tone for your wedding and is a lovely thing to incorporate during your wedding breakfast and for the evening entertainment.

DIY venues

Many couples are looking for DIY options for their wedding days, and the appeal of DIY venues has increased over the past couple of years, especially with the increase in sustainable and ethical weddings. The idea of a DIY wedding venue is that you find somewhere and all you have to pay for is the hire cost of the venue. You are then free to do whatever you choose with the space. Obviously there are advantages and disadvantages to this, but if you are both creative and have the vision and determination to create your own day then it’s ideal.

Traditional wedding venues

Traditional weddings are something that will always be popular as many people love the idea of a traditional wedding. Many of these are held in very quaint, typically English venues and include all the aspects you would imagine of a traditional wedding. These venues will always be popular within the UK and include country estates and manor houses. If you’ve watched TV series such as Downton Abbey or Bridgerton then the venues in these series are the sorts of venues that come to mind when you think of a traditional wedding venue.

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