Most Common Workplace Injuries And How To Handle Them

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Your place of work is a hive of activity that requires a lot of people to occupy the same space. This atmosphere means that accidents are bound to happen. The UK saw an average of 1600 accidents per 100,000 people in the workplace during the 2018/19 fiscal year. That is a staggering number.

Every workplace tries its best to prevent these injuries, but some things are statistically inevitable. With that said, what are the most common workplace injuries, and how should you handle them.

Trips And Slips

The most common cause of workplace injury is a trip or slip that results in a fall. The reason for these falls can vary, but sometimes it is due to poor warning or lack of action. For example, it could be that no one put down a wet floor sign or dealt with the situation at all.

This could leave you seriously injured and put you out of work for a short time. Not only will the injury be something you need to deal with, but you will also need to think about your financial situation whilst out of work. Contact a solicitor with experience on this, such as PSR Solicitors. They can look at your situation and seek compensation on your behalf. They regularly deal with accident at work claims, so you know you’re working with an accredited injury at work specialist.

Dangerous Machinery

Not every job in the workplace can be carried out by a human. That is why companies are full of complex machinery that requires a certain amount of training to use. However, sometimes injuries can still occur despite this training.

These machines should receive regular maintenance checks and risk assessments, so there shouldn’t be any concerns about the machine’s condition before use. Be aware that machines can be dangerous even when working at 100% efficiency. Ensure employees are trained on how to use them safely. You will have to stay alert when other employees are using these machines.

Every piece of equipment should be fitted in with an emergency stop button that you should press in the event of an injury to stop the situation from getting worse. If the injured party has any clothes still caught in the machine, safely cut them free, staying mindful of where their injury might be. Next, you should administer any first aid necessary until the paramedics arrive.

Chemical Spills

Many jobs require the use of hazardous chemicals these days. Every employer will minimise the amount of contact their staff has with these chemicals, but it can be impossible to eliminate exposure.

A chemical spill can result in all sorts of injuries, namely burns. In the event of a chemical spill, your first job as a responder is to safely contain the spill to prevent others from getting hurt. The injured party then needs to be kept calm and warm until they receive medical attention. If the exposure is bad enough to contact the skin or eyes, you should rinse the affected area for around fifteen-twenty minutes.


It is difficult to prevent every type of work incident. That is why you should put the proper safety measures in place and train your staff to respond appropriately.

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