SIXTY9° is 20! It’s Our Birthday and We’re Officially a Grown Up!

Oh my days we feel so old! Twenty years ago, the idea for a midlands magazine aimed at both the club kids and the outcasts, the beat boys and the banjie girls, the lost boys and the fairytale dreamers was born.

But what should we call it? The 69 mantle came from the ying and yang symbol of balance. We wanted to create something that appealed to both men and women, to black and white and to gay and straight audiences that truly reflected the clubs and the world that we were living in, the dawning of a metrosexual, all encompassing world.

Some people didn’t get it and that was the point. Those that did revelled in it.

A lot has changed in twenty years. Equality is not a novelty, well mostly.

But there is still a long, long way to go.

As for Sixty9° we’re still doing what we do; letting you know what’s amazing about the midlands and beyond. Now we do it in print, online and via social media so there’s even more ways to take a bite of Sixty9°.

To celebrate twenty years of Sixty9° we’re going to be scouring our archives and sharing some old skool love by re-releasing some of the best articles, interviews with the likes of Florence and the Machine, Kylie Minogue, Moby, Carl Cox, Paul Oakenfold, Leftfield, Lisa Lashes, Faithless, Tiny Tempah and even a talking cat that solved problems.

We’ll be posting these right here on and across our social media channels  on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook alongside some amazing old photogalleries from Midland’s clubland so get tagging, liking and sharing to the max.

Thanks for supporting us over the last twenty years!

With love, Sixty9°
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