The pressure’s on for this Midlands rock band

May 25 is a big date for Leicester rock band, Gallows High, as they are set to release their first single of the year, Pills.

On top of that, the five-piece group will be giving it everything they’ve got for the final of their local Metal of the Masses competition in an effort to win a place on the lineup of Bloodstock, the UK’s biggest heavy metal festival.

And as if they weren’t under enough pressure, the bassist is awaiting the arrival of his firstborn child – due on the very same day.

“We’re all used to giving 100% because otherwise we might as well stay at home,” said Gallows High bassist Mike Hadland.

“My wife enjoys our music so she hasn’t let a little thing like being 38 weeks pregnant stop her from coming out to support us throughout the Metal to the Masses competition.

“In fact, there’s a rumour flying around that our place in the semi final was secured by just one audience vote so I couldn’t be more grateful that she came out to cheer us on.”

Gallows High have been performing their unique brand of faced paced rock, raw guitar and melodic vocals to audiences around the midlands since 2017.

The unsigned band are hoping to meet a whole new audience off the back of their new single and the coverage from the Metal to the Masses competition.

But the music isn’t quite everything. “The chance of Laura going into labour just at the moment we take to the stage is unlikely, but that doesn’t mean it won’t happen” says Mike.

“And if it does, Gallows High will perform without a bassist. I love the band, but my family come first. That said, if I can welcome my first child into the world AND see Gallows High make it through to perform at Bloodstock, I will truly be the happiest guy on earth.”

Listen to Gallows High here.
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