INTERVIEW: Judge Jules on Ministry of Sound The Annual Classics

Original Annual mastermind Judge Jules on the albums, curating the music for the orchestral tour and why he loves Ministry Of Sound so
very much…

How did you get involved with the Ministry orchestral tour?

They brought me on board because of my association with the MoS over many years, including mixing many of the biggest selling Annual compilations.

Was it something you jumped at?

The synergy between me, as a long standing DJ and, dare I say it, “brand-name”, and the Ministry made this something I did indeed jump at.

What was your role in song selection and the process of making them work with an orchestra?

I have been involved as curator, both in respect of the tracklist and the way that the songs are presented. Having played these
records over many years, I’ve got a deep insight into how they move people and my association with other orchestra shows has given me a deep understanding of the interplay with a live multi piece orchestra.

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The shows are sit-down concerts rather than basically a club night with an orchestra playing – how do you think clubbers will respond to that concept?

Although in theory this show is “sit down”, the reality is that it will be more “stand up and jump around”.

The Annual albums changed the compilation world and indeed the dance market – is it nice looking back to have been involved in such a gamechanger?

The Annual series, especially during the period of my involvement, remains the biggest selling dance music compilation of all time by some distance. It was a huge calling card for me personally. The Ministry was set up in part by very close personal friends and influenced by the
Paradise Garage in New York, a place I visited when I was super young with the guys who set up the Ministry. So, I saw the MoS happening from inception right through to the present day and therefore feel very personally associated.

What are your five favourite Ministry memories?

The best thing about the Ministry, and this applies to every set I’ve played there, is that the DJ booth is its own mini club. You literally “feel” music in the way that few other clubs in the world allow the DJ to.

18th May Symphony Hall Birmingham
6th June Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
Tickets for The Annual Classical are available from Ministry Of Sound also via SeeTickets, Ticketmaster and start at £22.50
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