Turning Your Frappe Into A Fiesta With TheMusicLicence.

Turning Your Frappe Into A Fiesta.

Saturday afternoon and the coffee shop is bustling, the hum of music is playing in the background, customers are chatting, the feeling is relaxed and friendly, warm and welcoming.

Now, imagine it without that music. Not quite the same environment is it? A business without music can fall flat, seem lifeless and cold. Music creates mood. Maybe you want your clients to feel chilled out and taken away from the hustle and bustle of weekend shoppers, or perhaps some uplifting feelgood music as they make plans for the weekend ahead? Playing music in your establishment encourages conversations, that vital connection between your staff and customers. Create a reflective playlist

Your clientele is diverse, and your playlist can reflect that. Know your customers, involve your employees, learn which style of music heightens that ‘feel good’ factor at differing times, and you could create a space which is as much known for its great  atmosphere as it is for its excellent services and products. Its’ all about the experience. Music can change that experience from good to outstanding! And don’t just take our word for it.

Pablo Ettinger, Co-founder of Caffè Nero says: ‘We use music to change the atmosphere so, like all good retailers we split our day into parts… and you can actually feeling the atmosphere change, more and more up-tempo as we go through the day so it has a huge influence.’ We believe that music can be as much a part of your brand image as the company name or décor. The right playlist in your store can help add to your customer experience, staff productivity and moral, as well as encourage loyalty and brand recognition. TheMusicLicence

Previously businesses needed to buy two separate licences to play music, one from PPL and one from PRS for Music. These two bodies have listened to their customers and formed a new joint venture – PPL PRS Ltd – and created TheMusicLicence. What this means for you is that you can now buy and renew your music licence in one place, with one invoice and one contact. Simple!

What should I do now? If you already have a licence, absolutely nothing! We will manage the whole transition for all licence holders to make this
process as straightforward and seamless as possible. Once it’s due for renewal we will be in  touch with details of your new TheMusicLicence.

If you don’t currently have a licence and you want to start playing music in your business, simply contact PPL PRS and leave the rest to us, we’ll have you licensed and listening in no time.

For more information visit www.pplprs.co.uk
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