Sumptuous Soul Food in Vibrant Surroundings, We Try the New Menu at Turtle Bay

Stepping into the vibrant, colourful restaurant, we’re instantly transported straight to the Caribbean and a far cry away from Leicester city centre. Our eyes are overwhelmed with red, yellow and green, a wall installed with hi-fi speakers and amplifiers and bold works of art.

If you hadn’t guessed already, we’ve taken a trip to Turtle Bay, the popular dining destination famed for its Jerk Chicken to feast on their new menu.

Perusing the recently refreshed menu, we’re spoilt for choice with dishes from West Indian Curries to BBQ Jerk favourites, sumptuous Soul Food to Island inspired salads.

To quench our thirsts while we decide, we opt for mocktails, resisting the mouth-watering cocktail menu and the very tempting two for one happy hour, it is a school night after all. I went for a Sky Juice, a refreshing frozen blend of pomegranate, pineapple, orange & lemon juices and my companion went for the virgin take on the ever-popular Raspberry Reggae.

Waiting just as long for our stomachs to start rumbling, our starters arrived. I opted for the Sweet Corn Fritters which were perfectly crisp and crunchy on the outside and sweet and soft on the inside with a punchy sauce to accompany. My companion went with the Trini Doubles, two beautifully puffed up bara roti flatbreads with perfectly cooked curried chickpeas with a cool cucumber chutney.

Channelling the chilled laid back approach of the Caribbean, our mains took longer than expected to arrive. I was drawn to the Curry Aubergine, a rich Jamaican curry of fresh aubergine, sweet potato, blistered tomato in a creamy coconut and garlic sauce with the staple of coconut rice and peas. My companion went with the classic Fried Chicken, the large portion of 24-hour buttermilk marinated, panko coated chicken thighs were a little overcooked but still tasty none-the-less and accompanied by pickled vegetables and a sadly underwhelming mac ’n’ cheese. Our other side of Grilled Halloumi was as lacklustre which is a shame when the rest of the menu packs such a punch.

Filled to the brim with sumptuous soul food, we were defeated by the idea of dessert on this occasion but fear not as you can indulge in delights such as a Chilli Chocolate Brownie or a Caribbean Mess, a tropical twist on the English classic.

Tucked outside amongst the food offering at Highcross, it’s a sure-fire favourite to spice up a feast with friends but we’d carefully consider our return if you’re on a tight schedule!

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