Something strange is happening at the Belgrade Theatre…

Something strange appears to be happening in Coventry City Centre this week, with reports of “holes” opening up at the Belgrade Theatre.

Similar reports have been received across the country, with mysterious holes said to be opening up at theatres across the country, and it now seems Coventry is no exception.

The bizarre phenomenon is said to have begun in Nottingham in 2018, with a large hole allegedly dug by one Stanley Yelnats – a juvenile delinquent who served time at an American detention facility known as Camp Green Lake, after stealing a particularly valuable pair of trainers.

Little is known about his motivation for digging the hole, but the young man maintains that he is innocent of all crimes, blaming his “no good, dirty rotten, pig-stealing great-great-grandfather” for his misfortunes.

The Camp Green Lake Warden, on the other hand, describes Mr Yelnats as a persistent troublemaker, among the worst of the young offenders under her supervision. Not only did he frequently flaunt the rules, she claims, but also set about inciting rebellion among his fellow inmates.

The company of HOLES in rehearsals – credit Tracey Whitefoot

Not sure who to believe? Luckily, residents of Coventry and Warwickshire will have the chance to settle their uncertainties and decide what really happened next month, when a new touring production of Louis Sachar’s Holes opens at the Belgrade Theatre.

Adapted by the award-winning author from his own much-loved children’s book, Holes brings the gripping story of Camp Green Lake and its inmates vividly to life on stage, using puppetry, music and theatrical magic to recreate their incredible adventures.

Holes shows at the Belgrade Theatre Coventry from 18-22 February 2020.
Tickets are available to book now by calling the box office on 024 7655 3055 or visiting where prices are cheaper.
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