4 Luxury Destinations to Visit after Covid

Did you cancel a holiday in 2020? You weren’t the only one! One single travel agency saw a catastrophic £600 million worth of holidays in 2020 being cancelled. It’s hard to look on the bright side of that, but for many people that cancelled holidays, it means bigger budgets to spend on their holidays when the nightmare of Covid is finally over. Although we have little way of knowing exactly when travel is going to be easy again, there’s nothing wrong with starting to think about the luxury destinations you can visit and explore. If you’re desperate for your next holiday, here are some post-Covid destinations that might make you forget all about that 2020 cancellation.

Santorini, Greece

There’s always been something luxurious about exploring the Greek islands, but there’s something extraordinary about Santorini. You could spend the entire holiday on the beach, but there is a lot that you can do that isn’t quite so sedate. Explore the best parts of Fira, tour the volcano, wallow in the hot springs…your holiday to Santorini can be the perfect option even if different members of your party are looking for different things. Make sure that you use the ultimate travel pack calculator from Cash Lady so that you don’t forget any essential items.

Ibiza, Spain

When most people think of Ibiza, they think of 21-year-olds partying. While big parts of the island are certainly lively, Portinatx in the north is secluded, sedate, and as luxurious as it gets. You’ve got choices of beaches, the beautiful turquoise sea, and all of the luxury restaurants you’ll ever need. And if you fancy letting your hair down, time your trip to the island so that you can hit the best Ibiza opening party nights. If you’re looking for luxury, don’t make the mistake of overlooking Ibiza.

Provence, France

Is there anything as luxurious as a visit to Provence? Not only will you get the thrill of some of the most stunning landscapes in the world, but the weather, the architecture, and the culture will also ensure that your time spent exploring wine country is well spent. Enjoy all of the wines that you’ve ever wanted to try, and you can ever visit The Wine Museum that’s situated right in the middle of Châteauneuf du Pape! If that’s making you feel thirsty and you’re looking for an exceptional luxury break for a weekend, a week, a month, or even forever, then Provence is hard to beat.

South Africa

If the idea of spotting some of the most iconic wild animals in the world sounds appealing, then South Africa should undoubtedly be a holiday destination consideration. South Africa is often overlooked for luxury travellers, but it might have a lot more to offer than you think. Luxury villas are easy to find, and if there’s a group of you holidaying together, then you can even rent out an entire villa to yourselves. Don’t forget to book your excursions early so that you get a better chance of spotting the big five.

Covid might have scuppered everybody’s holiday plans, but with vaccines coming from all directions, the end is surely in sight. 2020 was certainly a year to forget, but as Covid starts to become less of a threat, your next holiday could be the best of your life.

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