One Part Rave, One Part Bingo: We Try Out the Bonkers Bongo’s Bingo

One part rave, one part Bingo, It sounds like an unusual recipe but it makes for a truly unique and wild night out.

If you haven’t heard of Bongo’s Bingo, then you must be living under a rock, it’s sweeping the nation with its crazy chaotic alternative to getting your dobbers out down the local.

Mixing the traditional elements of the classic British pastime with dance-offs, rave intervals, hands-in-the-air anthems, ridiculous prizes and audience participation a plenty, it’s as bonkers as it sounds.

We headed down to The River in Birmingham on a Saturday night to see the mayhem for ourselves.

Stepping into the large secret warehouse in Digbeth, the crowd were already singing their hearts out and dancing their cares away to a perfect pop party playlist ready for a fun-filled evening.

Eyes were firmly down as the numbers were called out by the DJ and two lovely assistants “Moist Mary” and “Randy Mandy” amping up the crowd for each of the six games.

Tediously linked numbered songs had everyone up on their feet including Busted’s Year 3000 for the number 3 and Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 for 25 before peering back down to our books to score a line, 2 lines or a house for the coveted prizes.

Prizes on the night varied from a rubber ducky ring, a box of coco pops, a cardboard cut-out of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson to a cool £500 but the biggest prize of all is the amount of fun you will have.

It’s a night out like no other and you can expect plenty of silliness and heckling. It’s one we highly recommend everyone experience because it’s hard to put the chaos in to words.

Find your nearest event here in the midlands and grab your ticket now but be quick as they sell out quickly.
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