Take a Trip to the Pop Lab with Frisky and Mannish

Celebrating 10 years since they burst onto the scene with their wildly popular brand of musical infotainment, Frisky and Mannish are back!

The critically acclaimed cabaret duo are making a welcome return to the live forum with the announcement of a brand new tour entitled ‘Frisky & Mannish’s Pop Lab’, their first new show since 2012!

Frisky & Mannish are officially Pop PhDs, fully qualified to conduct scientific analyses of the molecular intersections between every pop song ever. For the first time, you are invited into their Pop Lab to peek down the microscope at all their latest research projects. Have they found an effective vaccine for the contagious Tropical House virus sweeping through the pop world? Who is the latest to benefit from their 80s RnB Conservation Program? How exactly were F&M directly responsible for ground-breaking experiments that led to the resurgence of Rick Astley in our lives? (commonly known as Rick-Rolling). Brush up on your Pop Periodic Table with the mad scientists themselves, and perhaps you too will be able to address problematic equations, like just how can Coldplay be so popular even though everyone you ask says they hate them? Science, people. Science.

 Frisky and Mannish will be bringing their Pop Lab to the Midlands this October:
2nd October at Glee, Birmingham
3rd October at The Y Theatre, Leicester
18th October at Nottingham Playhouse
Get your tickets now at https://www.friskyandmannish.co.uk
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